Go-karts for amateurs – is it worth buying your equipment?

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Go-karts are a great way to polish your driving skills. If you’re an amateur driver, is it worth investing in your own go-kart? It depends – check out why!

What is a go-kart?

A small racing vehicle, four-wheeled, which you will drive rather only on a karting track. A solution that is devoid of a differential. What does this mean? The wheels spin at the same speed on both the front and rear axles during cornering. The drive is transmitted through a chain transmission, steering is done through tie rods and a rigid column. This is more or less the same as in cars. However, go-karts, due to their light weight and considerable power, are able to reach higher speeds, cornering is completely different and more difficult, and they can be driven only on tracks specially designed for this purpose. Vehicles of this type are most popular in Italy. It is there that most races are held with their participation. There are always a lot of fans in the stands and the prizes for the winners are relatively high.

A go-kart to own? Depends on how often you drive

First of all, you have to ask yourself one fundamental question. Are you an amateur who is at the karting track twice a week, or do you rather go there once in a while with a bunch of friends. It really all depends on the frequency. If you love driving a go-kart, you enjoy it immensely, and you want to do it often – your own equipment can be an investment that will sooner or later pay for itself. It’s a different matter if you use the track infrequently. You have to take the costs into account: renting a karting track with your own equipment is several times cheaper than renting the entire equipment plus the kart

With your own vehicle, be prepared for additional costs

You have to bear in mind that when you buy a second-hand go-kart, you will probably already have some expenses at the outset. It’s rare for a go-kart to be in perfect working order. Buying a used go-kart is not expensive, but investing in repairs can be a headache. It would be better to decide on a new model, but it is quite a big expense of even 20 thousand zloty. So what to choose? We suggest choosing new equipment, but not the top-of-the-line one – since you call yourself an amateur. Bet on something cheaper. For several years you’ll have practically no investment in repairs, all moving parts in new go-karts are covered, less prone to damage. Faultless and inexpensive in operation will serve you for some time, and then, as “almost new” you can sell it. There is no shortage of buyers, and you will lose very little on it

Other equipment

The vehicle is not all you need on the karting track. It is important to have other equipment, which allows you to enjoy racing these small, biting machines.

  • clothing – you don’t need anything special to get started. It is important that you dress warmly enough on colder days, because the wind even at 30 kilometers per hour will pierce you to the bone. Opt for clothes that fit well. If you’ve caught the proverbial bug and enjoy riding, choose a professional outfit. You can find it for a good price easily on the internet,
  • gloves – the steering wheel in go-karts has no power steering and is quite small, so you’ll be doing a lot of wiggling. After a few minutes of driving and competing with others, your palms are bound to get sweaty, and then driving will no longer be so pleasant. So get some good quality gloves – driving gloves are a great option. They cost around £200,
  • helmet – the most important piece of equipment for any karting driver. Important, but above all necessary – no one will let you on the track without it. Where you will be racing, you can rent a helmet, but do you want to wear a helmet in which hundreds of people have ridden before? For hygienic reasons it is better to use your own equipment. When choosing a helmet, opt for a closed model with glass. Small particles of rubber or sand will not impetuously hit your cheeks, nose, enter the mouth or eyes

(Photo: pixabay.com)

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