How To Recognize Faulty Injectors in Your Car

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If your car is struggling to start, idling roughly, or producing exhaust smoke, then faulty injectors may be the culprit. Here we explain the basics of car injectors, how to recognize faulty ones, and what to do if you think yours is the issue.

What Are Injectors and What Do They Do?

Injectors are responsible for delivering the correct amount of fuel to the engine, meaning they’re an important component when it comes to your car running smoothly. If they fail to function correctly, then your engine may experience problems and a loss of performance.

How to Spot Faulty Injectors

When it comes to recognizing faulty injectors, it’s a good idea to be aware of the warning signs. Common problems can include stuttering or struggling to start, a significant drop in fuel economy, a loud ‘ticking’ noise from the engine, or black smoke from the exhaust. You should also be on the lookout for engine warning lights on your dashboard, which can indicate the injectors are the cause of your engine’s poor performance.

How to Replace Faulty Injectors

Once you have identified faulty injectors as the problem, the next step is to replace them. Although the exact replacement procedure varies from vehicle to vehicle, here’s a general guide to what you should expect:


  1. Locate the injector assembly and unplug the electrical wiring and fuel supply line.


  1. Remove the retaining bolts and gently pull the old injectors out.


  1. Insert the new injectors and make sure they are securely fastened with the retaining bolts.


  1. Refit the wiring and fuel supply line.


  1. If needed, make sure to bleed the system to remove any trapped air and allow the injectors to deliver the correct amount of fuel to the engine.


  1. Make sure the system is properly checked and run an engine performance check.


For more information and advice, you can get in touch with experts at They specialize in repairs and maintenance of injectors, as well as a range of turbochargers, fuel pumps, and engines. With their assistance, you can ensure your injectors are functioning correctly, helping your engine deliver optimal performance.


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