Car tourism – what to take with you on a long trip?

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Let’s learn from others’ mistakes – find out what equipment is worth taking on a long trip. Recommended by experienced travelers who have traveled hundreds of thousands of kilometers around the world!

We have prepared a list of the 15 most necessary items for a longer trip. Of course there are many more, but we have chosen the most important ones. What you take and in what quantity depends mainly on the length of the route and the time you want to devote to the expedition. In addition, you must take into account the number of people in the car. We are not listing here those basic items like clothing or footwear. We will focus on the items that may come in handy, and in the rush of preparation you may forget about them. Here we go!

  1. First-aid kit – it cannot be missing, probably everyone will agree with this. Ideally, it should be equipped with plasters, bandages and basic medicines. It is worth to have Aviomarin when you set off on a trip with a child.
  2. Map – a traditional (up-to-date) map works best, it’s not only about accuracy, but also about the fun of using a map and not making your life easier with a smartphone. So get a map of the region you are going to.
  3. Clamping ties – also known as “tridents”. A basic piece of equipment – you can fix anything with them!
  4. Duct tape – another universal piece of equipment. It will tape up just about anything from a ripped backpack to a cracked fender on your car
  5. Spare radiator fluid and engine oil – if you travel several thousand kilometers with your own car, it may run out of basic fluids after some time. You can’t go without them then
  6. Toolbox – usually it is not taken into account, and this is a mistake! Basic items like a screwdriver, pliers, and wrenches, among other things, can help you quickly repair a damaged part of your car
  7. Pressure gauge and wheel compressor (12V) – in case of doubt you can check the pressure in your tires, and when it is too low you can inflate them with a compressor on the cigarette lighter input
  8. Pocket knife – a universal tool that can save the situation.
  9. Trash bags – no matter where you are, be “fair” to nature. Put the waste you generate into bags. You’re sure to find a container along the way
  10. Can and bottle opener – thirsty? Need something to eat? Bottled mineral water or canned food is a quick and easy way to eat. You can open them with a can opener
  11. Starter cables and charger – if you forget to turn off the radio, use the air conditioner or heater for too long, your car won’t start the next day. When you don’t have a charger, you can forget about driving any further. Of course, you will also need an extension cord
  12. Headlight – punctured tire at night? How do you replace it without proper lighting? It can be hard, so one headlamp will always come in handy.
  13. Batteries – since we mentioned the flashlight, you can’t forget about its power supply, when it dies, replace it with a new one!
  14. CB Radio – you know: police patrols, road obstructions, traffic jams, accidents or road works. It is better to know about it in advance and avoid it effectively.
  15. Triangles and reflective vests – apart from the fact that they should be in every car, when you are driving abroad you have to remember about it. In some countries the vest is compulsory and the triangle will always come in handy during an emergency, especially on a busy road

We have listed 15 items of equipment you should take with you on a long trip. We purposely left out the most important ones, like appropriate clothing, footwear, or provisions, because everyone probably remembers about them. Check some of the other suggestions, which will prove useful on really long routes, which you need at least a few days to cover:

  • tent, sleeping bag, carrimats and pillows,
  • folding chairs and a table,
  • a stove for cooking,
  • fuel for the stove,
  • a canister of spare fuel,
  • cooking utensils, cutlery,
  • cleaning supplies,
  • bug spray,
  • compass,
  • rope,
  • backpack,
  • tarp,
  • waterproof matches


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