Step by step connection of a smartphone with a car

Step by step connection of a smartphone with a car

Find out how to connect your smartphone to your car!

Modern cars are packed with electronics which give the driver many functions that were unavailable a dozen or so years ago. These include the possibility of connecting a smartphone to the car, e.g. in order to have a conversation via a hands-free kit or to listen to music or other audio material. The question then arises: how do you pair the phone with the vehicle? We will answer it below.

AUX cable

In this case, it is de facto about connecting your phone to the car radio so that you can listen to music, audiobooks, podcasts or other recordings through it. The AUX cable is designed for devices that are not equipped with a USB port. This type of cable costs several dozen zlotys, so its purchase should not be a problem for anyone. On both ends there are identical mini jack connectors, which should be connected on one side to the headphone port in your phone and on the other side to the AUX input in your car radio. It’s important to note that using this type of cable does allow the sound from your phone to be played on the radio, but you can still use your smartphone to switch between songs or other audio content. If you are interested in buying a new phone, you can find interesting offers at

USB cable

A similar solution is to connect the phone to the car radio via a USB cable. This is done in the same way as with the AUX cable, with the difference that the USB communication allows you to operate the media directly from the car radio, e.g. via the steering wheel switches if fitted.


For vehicles equipped with Bluetooth, it is possible to connect the phone directly to the car computer. Unlike cable communication, this is a contactless form of communication that only requires the device to be paired with the car’s on-board computer. In addition, unlike cable communication, phone operation with Bluetooth communication is fully possible from the car radio. This means that you can use the switches on the car radio and the steering wheel not only to switch songs and audio content, but also to perform other tasks such as browsing the phone book, dialling numbers or making a hands-free call.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay apps

This state-of-the-art solution is only available in some relatively new, recently manufactured cars, but not all of them either, as only some models support Android technology. It is different in the case of communication with Apple devices, as more vehicles support it. This interesting solution allows you to perform all actions on the car monitor – not only standard conversations and switching music tracks, but also launching and using various applications installed in the smartphone.

As you can see, connecting the phone to the car is a simple task, which can be handled efficiently even in older cars. For more interesting content on the latest technologies, please visit the blog section of the website

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