How to make an amateur enduro track?

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Wooden piles, old tires, rocks and lots of soil, clay and sand. This is all you need to build amateur enduro track. We suggest how to do it on your own.

More and more fans of off-road motorcycle riding think about building their own enduro track. Such undertaking doesn’t have to cost much, because it can be done by DIY method. Of course you will need suitable terrain and materials, which you will use to build obstacles. You will also need a lot of free time. Before starting the construction, let’s get familiar with the current legislation and prepare a carefully thought out project.

First of all terrain

To build enduro track you will need land, on which you will realize your “investment”. It’s worth remembering, that such undertaking is connected with significant interference in local landscape. This is true even for small and temporary tracks, so we should think over decision to designate land for such activity. Preparing the area for the track construction may require levelling it and removing some vegetation. It is best to use specialized equipment for this purpose, namely a bulldozer or an excavator.

Check if you can build

Before you start building an amateur enduro track, check if you will need an official building permit. This kind of track is usually considered as an earth building, for which – according to building law – you need a proper permission. Another issue is the question of the plot of land on which the track is to be built. According to the law, if the construction is to take place on an agricultural plot, a procedure of formal exclusion of the land from agricultural production should be carried out first. Obtaining a building permit will also depend on how the land use and development conditions are defined in the local spatial development plan (or on the decision on development conditions in the absence of such a plan)

Everything you need

Building a professional track is a considerable expense. Fortunately, amateur facilities can be created thanks to a cheap economic method. For their construction, all materials that can be obtained at no or very low cost are used. The best materials for this are used tires, wooden logs, steel barrels, concrete pipes, railroad sleepers, pallets and stones, as well as cable spools, for example. To build the track you will also need loose materials – earth, sand, clay and gravel. We will use them to build and harden inruns on obstacles as well as turns and jumps

Good plan

If you already have the right terrain and materials to build the structure, it is time to think about obstacles that we will set on the enduro track. It is necessary to prepare a graphic design of the object. Let’s designate start and finish lines, turns and individual obstacles. Try to use available terrain as effectively as possible. When designing the jumps, it is necessary to calculate the right angle of inrun and remember to mark out the area for a safe landing. It is also worth thinking about marking out bumps.

What kind of obstacles?

Attractive enduro track means mainly interesting obstacles. The most popular are various types of inruns to perform jumps. We can prepare them by making appropriate hills and digging hollows in the terrain. To strengthen such structures, you can use, for example, tires. Another popular obstacles are the so-called paths arranged with boulders, tires, or wooden beams. The most important thing is to make sure that the obstacles are at the right distance from each other. A big attraction of enduro tracks can also be sharp, properly shaped turns.

Time for construction

Building amateur enduro track is hard physical work, which is difficult to do alone. Most often it is done by groups of enthusiasts, but even then the construction process can take several weeks. A lot depends, of course, on the size and complexity of the track and how much of your time you are willing to devote to the construction work. Of course, the construction process will go much more efficiently if we use heavy equipment, which, however, is associated with considerable costs.

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