Oil pressure sensor – how to install it?

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Every car has an oil pressure sensor, which is one of its most important parts. Unfortunately, it needs to be replaced from time to time. You think that the sensor in your car has failed and you are wondering where it is located and how to replace it? Then be sure to read our guide

How does the oil pressure sensor work?

Oil in a car’s internal combustion engine is a lubricant. It is responsible for lubricating the drive unit. If the oil pressure is too low, however, the engine can seize. This in turn leads to serious malfunctions that can be costly to repair. In the worst case scenario, the engine will have to be replaced. The purpose of the oil pressure sensor is to inform the driver whether this pressure is correct. If there is any deviation from the norm, a message will appear on the dashboard. In this way, the right parts can be replaced quickly and the vehicle can be kept running properly.

When does the oil pressure sensor fail?

If the light on the dashboard is on all the time, it may indicate a failure in the sensor. Fortunately, it does not take long to replace it. Do not delay in repairing this part, as it may result in engine failure. Replacing the sensor is much cheaper than replacing the engine – it is worth remembering that

Where is the oil pressure sensor located?

Before replacing the sensor, you should check where it is located. It is usually in the oil sump, slightly above the tank itself. In modern cars the sensor is connected to the control computer, which will display a message if the pressure exceeds the norm. It may also happen that the pressure sensor is not damaged, but only detached from the line. In this case it will be necessary to reconnect it. If it turns out that, despite this, the sensor is still malfunctioning, it will have to be replaced. How to do this? You will learn this in the next part of our article.

What do I need to replace the oil pressure sensor?

Before you decide to replace the oil sensor, it is necessary to order a new one. For installation you will need a screw, an elbow, as well as a tee and a plug with cast iron threads. Don’t miss the cable connectors as well as silicone and a hacksaw.

How to replace oil pressure sensor?

When replacing the oil pressure sensor, it is necessary to go under the car. It is best to immediately prepare the oil pan and loosen the oil filter screws. The oil must drain into the sump and only then can you proceed to remove the pressure sensor. Then you have to install the elbow and the oil pressure sensor. Finally, the oil filter must be screwed on and topped off.

Although it may seem complicated, you can do it yourself without the help of a professional.

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