Gasoline or electric go-karts – we check!

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Petrol go-karts and electric go-karts differ in many ways – both on an economic and technical level. Which is the best choice?

Karting – motor sport for everyone

The history of karting dates back to 1959, when the first competition was held in the USA. Today karting is one of the most popular motorsports. Small vehicles called go-karts are used in competition. Competition takes place on specially prepared bituminous surfaces.

Depending on the age of the driver and the capacity and power of the engine, there are several classes of competition. The only requirement for competitive karting is that the driver must be at least eight years of age. As a result, even teenage drivers can boast of incredible success and considerable experience.

In order to obtain a sports license, you need to be patient. First of all, you need to enroll in an appropriate club and then take a course and an exam. It will also be necessary to present some important documents, as well as a medical certificate stating that there are no contraindications to practice this sport.

Characteristics of go-karts

A go-kart is a motor vehicle that is used by drivers during karting competitions. It is characterized primarily by its small size.

Analyzing the construction of a go-kart, you can see that it does not have a differential, so that when entering a corner, its wheels move at the same speed. The purpose of the differential is to compensate for the difference in speed of the wheels when the tracks they travel are of different lengths. To steer the go-kart, steering rods and a cam column are used.Thecapacity of the engines used is usually between 60 and 125 cc. Professional go-karts can reach speeds of up to 190 km/h.

Differences between petrol and electric go-karts

When preparing a karting hall, many companies face the dilemma of what type of go-karts will be the best. Among the products offered, you can find both diesel and electric karts.

Electric karts

Among the most important advantages of electric karts is the reduced noise level, similar to that of electric cars. As a result, when preparing the karting hall, you will be able to save on room insulation, which would be necessary in the case of combustion engine vehicles. Also the absence of pollution automatically comes to mind. In enclosed spaces, this is extremely crucial.

However, people may be deterred by the energy costs. It may seem that in the long run the purchase of electric go-karts will be unprofitable – but such thinking is far from the reality. Energy costs are relatively low, and in addition we can take advantage of the possibility to write off VAT for electricity. Electricity prices are also stable, so you can plan your future expenses well in advance. Another aspect that speaks in favour of choosing electric go-karts is the availability of energy at all times – stocks will not be needed

Gasoline go-karts

Gasoline go-karts are the most common choice for karting sports, however they compare quite poorly with their electric counterparts. The noise coming from the four-stroke engine requires the installation of solid insulation of the room, which will ensure adequate comfort of the ride. The amount of pollutants released is really huge, so the additional purchase of an exhaust removal system is necessary.

The costs associated with the operation of combustion karts also leave much to be desired. Fuel is quite expensive, and its prices may increase in the coming years. In addition, great attention must be paid to the engine itself. It needs regular cleaning and regular replacement of rings and pistons

Which type of go-kart is better?

Analyzing the above comparison of electric and combustion go-karts, very quickly you can come to the conclusion that definitely a better choice will be the purchase of electric vehicles. Their only disadvantage is the need for regular charging. On one full charge the go-kart can ride for an hour.

The electric alternative to internal combustion vehicles will save us a lot of money, plus it will not affect the environment. They are also distinguished by their amazing performance, which can be up to 40% higher than what you can get when driving a combustion kart. Dizzying speed and great acceleration is a combination that will provide customers with an unforgettable experience.

Thanks to the speed regulation feature, the same vehicle can be used by both children and adults – in the case of petrol go-karts, you would have to buy at least three different types. Electric go-karts are characterized by reliability, durability and unlimited possibilities. This combination usually makes this option the best choice.


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