Relieving stress before the start – effective ways

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Stress that accompanies you before the start of an important competition is nothing pleasant, but certainly something natural.

You must know that it accompanies not only you, but maybe you can react to it properly? The rules described below will help you with that. We encourage you to read the article!

Dealing with stress on your own

There are several ways to deal with stress before the start. However, it is important to note that solving problems cannot start as soon as they arise. So, it is advisable to start at the beginning to make sure that the nerves simply do not occur or are minor.

The only thing that can help with this is to exert yourself during training. If you know that you have given your best, your skills are high, you have more confidence and this automatically reduces stress

It is also a good solution to motivate yourself even with simple words like “I know I can”, “I can do it”, “relax, I know what I’m doing”. This is before the start, of course. It is also worth to use breathing exercises, for example diaphragmatic breathing. This is a way to deal with stress in any situation.

Use mental relaxation, it can involve clearing your mind of unnecessary thoughts. So a good choice can be your favorite music. You can create your favorite playlist for the competition, throw motivational tracks in there!

A great way to deal with stress before a competition is to focus your thoughts on something else. Imagination training works great. If you’ve studied each corner meticulously, now imagine what speed you’re entering it at, when you start to turn, what you’re doing with your legs and gears. During the rally it will go like automatic!

Affirmations are another effective way to deal with pre-rally stress by changing your mindset to one that is positive. Write down a few days in advance and then repeat to yourself over and over again sentences related to what you want to achieve at the race. When the stress and negative emotions come, go back to the paper unless you remember everything. You will direct yourself towards success, build confidence and belief in victory. Stress won’t be able to squeeze its way into your thoughts!

We have outlined several ways to deal with stress before competing in specific events. It is important to note, however, that all of these were principles that you can follow yourself, you need to create them and then repeat them like a mantra before each race. It is worth noting that this is not the only way, sometimes you can seek outside help.

Seek outside help

It is worth looking for external support, to have people around you who will relieve tension, improve mood, but also change your thinking, allow you to relax. It does not necessarily have to be a therapist, psychologist (although professionals use this option very often). Sometimes it’s your immediate family, your wife, your children, or even your pet. Dogs are famous for their therapeutic abilities, and cats can do the same.

Take care of a calm “environment” around you, think about a specialist if you want the best results. Finally, use the ways described in the previous paragraphs!

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