What tires should I choose for my sport bike?

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To enjoy riding your motorcycle and feel safe, it’s a good idea to invest in quality tires. Without them, your vehicle will not drive as well as it should. What should be taken into account when choosing the right tyres?

It is a good idea to start looking for tyres by browsing the market. For example, at https://skyseba.pl/ you will find many different types of tire, with different widths, axles and profiles. Remember to choose your tyres according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The tyres on a sport bike need to be able to withstand high speeds and effectively adapt to the changing surface of the asphalt. Whether you ride only on tracks or in town, your motorcycle tires should be able to withstand high levels of friction under braking.

The tire needs to be properly sized for the speed your motorcycle reaches, and the most important parameters are:

  • wheel diameter,
  • width,
  • profile,
  • load index and speed rating.

Size is important

As mentioned earlier, you must select a tire model recommended by your motorcycle manufacturer. If you don’t, you risk not only a rapid deterioration of your tyres but also a dangerous ride.

Don’t economise

Although sports bike tires may seem expensive, don’t look for cheaper substitutes. Buy only from reputable manufacturers, whose tyres are of the highest quality. This will give you more precise handling and better grip on the tarmac.

Type of road surface

Before buying, you should consider whether you will be riding your motorcycle on asphalt or off-road roads. Metzeler m5 tires are recommended for on-road motorcycles and Metzeler karoo 3 tires are recommended for off-road motorcycles which are mainly used off-road. Also make sure that the on-road tires are approved. If you want to use your motorcycle in different terrains, choose tires made of different compounds (e.g. silica and rubber).


In modern tire models, you’ll find specially cut tread that provides a stable grip for your motorcycle, for example, when riding on wet asphalt and stability when cornering. Make sure that the tread has a reinforced casing. This will allow efficient cornering at high speeds and significant lean angles.

Sport or racing tires?

Of course, it all depends on what model of motorcycle you have and what you want to use it for.

Sport tires are softer and don’t need to be heated before the start, unlike race tires. The latter is distinguished by its slick tread pattern. The best solution is to have two types of tires or get one that offers good track, off-road and city riding.

If you want to race your motorcycle both offroad and on the track, the optimal solution would be to buy tires with carbon black and a lot of grooves, for example.

The main criteria for buying sport tires for your bike are their quality and size. Efficient cornering, quick adaptation to ground changes, full power output, high resistance to abrasion – all this significantly affects the comfort of riding a sports bike.

Also keep in mind that, compared to, for example, touring motorcycle tires, sport bike tires wear much faster and need to be replaced after about 4000 thousand kilometers. The more worn out a tire is, the sooner it needs to be replaced.

(photo: pixabay.com)

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