Sport exhaust – does it help in racing?

Sport exhaust – does it help in racing?

a ported exhaust that can increase motorcycle performance, is it possible? See if you can affect engine performance by replacing the muffler with a louder, bassier sounding one.

Proper selection and skillful modification of the exhaust to a sporty one can affect not only the performance, but also the power of the engine. This in turn will translate into better performance when competing in races. Does and how does such an exhaust help during the competition?

It is worth noting at the outset that the sports exhaust has its opponents and supporters. The former claim that it only changes the aesthetics of the motorcycle, which certainly looks better. The second issue is the improvement of sounds, because those coming out of the muffler are a bit more bass, sometimes louder. Proponents, however, claim that proper modification of the exhaust, as well as matching it to the parameters of the exhaust system can result in an increase in power by several percent compared to the exhaust fitted to the motorcycle from the factory. What’s it really like?

A good exhaust is not cheap

This issue needs to be addressed. Even an exhaust muffler properly matched to the parameters of the exhaust system, whose price will not be too high, is unlikely to improve the motorcycle’s performance in any way, and therefore will not help in racing. Price goes hand in hand with quality here, and almost always. Exhausts made of titanium, steel or carbon fiber are expensive. Precise welding or development of muffler construction to get the best out of the whole exhaust is not cheap either. You need a lot of experience and knowledge about the manufacturer’s exhausts to be able to slightly modify a given piece of equipment. It is worth to keep this in mind before proceeding to modifications and improvements, or installation of a sports exhaust ordered on the Internet at a suspiciously bargain price.

Popular manufacturers of sport exhausts for motorcycles

Arrow is one of the more popular companies offering advanced exhaust systems and mufflers. Great sound, racy purr, and a lot of decibels, but within the limits of standards and regulations. This is how we can briefly describe titanium exhausts of this manufacturer. What is important, buying a muffler of this brand is associated with the purchase of a model tailored to the brand and model of your bike. Thanks to this you will get the necessary mounting accessories, which will strongly help during the assembly process

The Italian manufacturer GPR also offers a large number of interesting exhaust tips in different colors and styles. These are not only to improve the sound of the motorcycle, its appearance, but also the work of the engine in the full rev range. This is possible if you bet on the right model with mounting package and full homologation. Even a small improvement in performance can affect the outcome of the race, if only the skills of the rider of the unicycle are high enough.

Finally, the Akrapovic brand, which is undoubtedly the most popular muffler supplier for motorcycles, but also for cars. In the case of this manufacturer, the best possible choice will be a titanium muffler or one made of carbon fiber. Very durable, at the same time offering homologation and mounting package. They will provide a more vivid characteristic of the work of the engine and, of course, more bass sound

Sport exhaust for competition – is it worth it?

In fact, everything depends on your financial possibilities. If a sport exhaust for really significant money will not significantly damage the budget you have allocated for the modification of your motorcycle, it is worth investing in this part. We want to point out, however, that a sports exhaust will never significantly increase the power of the engine. With the right knowledge and skills, knowledge of the exhaust system on your motorcycle, and knowledge of the engine itself, you can make some modifications that will make the performance improve slightly. The most important thing, however, is what kind of rider you are. Without aggressive competition riding, it doesn’t really matter if your exhaust is from a touring motorcycle or a sportbike. It comes down to skill first, then the machine you drive, and finally modifications that can improve the performance of the unicycle. Nevertheless, a sport exhaust means a more beautiful sound, which will be appreciated by everyone!