Exercises for back training – useful for competitions!

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Regular exercise for the spine not only improves muscle function, but also increases overall fitness. A fit musculoskeletal system makes a person happy and free from troublesome ailments

Proper execution of daily activities – care for the spine

A workout plan is a very important point before undertaking any exercise. You can create it yourself, but if you have no experience and sufficient knowledge, it is better to consult a specialist. Consultation with a trainer or physiotherapist will help to construct a suitable outline for each person, which will help and not hurt

Correctly performed exercises and correctly arranged exercise plan are only half of the success. Don’t forget the basics that will help keep your spine in good shape every day.

Try to keep your back straight every day. Don’t hunch over. It is a habit destructive for the spine. Apart from the aesthetic reasons of such posture, it is uncomfortable for a person in the long run. Overloaded muscles and vertebrae become more and more uncomfortable and your mood is very low

Nowadays, most people lead a sedentary lifestyle. Compared to walking, it is much worse for the spine. You should take care of a balanced plan. While doing a sedentary job, you should move a lot in your spare time. The analogy is with physical activity

Don’t put one foot in front of the other. This applies especially to women. Yes, we look good then, but our nerves and blood vessels are squashed. This can lead to blockages, which are fatal. It is also an unnatural position for our spine

When carrying heavy objects, remember to load both hands equally. This avoids painful changes in posture. In addition, when you bend down to pick up weights, do so with your legs bent at the knee joints, rather than from an upright position.

Exercises for a healthy spine

When starting a workout, make sure to warm up. It is crucial before performing all exercises, as it prepares your muscles for intensive effort. There are two options – a spinal massage or simple stretching exercises

Cervical and thoracic spine

To avoid degeneration of this part of the spine, it is worthwhile to perform the following simple exercises. Each exercise should be repeated 6 to 8 times

  • Head movements – these are simple exercises that involve alternately pulling the head upward and then to the chest. This resembles intense nodding. Later, we move on to performing this exercise in the horizontal plane – from left to right
  • Waving hands – in a standing position, straighten your arms with your fingers clasped together, slowly raise them above your head while inhaling, and then lower them unhurriedly while letting out air

Lumbar spine

The best exercises for this part of the spine are the relaxation exercises that make it more flexible. From 6 to 9 repetitions repeated regularly every day should relieve pain and improve the overall condition of the vertebrae and muscles

  • Hip push-ups – lying on your back, bend your legs at the knees, making sure they rest on the ground. The arms are placed along the body. Then tighten the muscles of your buttocks, drawing in air and lift your hips, pushing them up. After four seconds, lower them to the floor with an exhalation.
  • Cat’s back – while kneeling, place your hands straight at the elbows parallel to your thighs. Place your palms with your fingers facing each other. From this position alternately bend the spine once upwards – additionally hiding the head between the arms, once downwards – lifting the head up

Additional activities that serve to keep the spine in good shape include swimming, which synchronizes all the muscles with each other. Besides, cycling and running and other sports done with the head will give a good effect.

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