The emotional face of motoring – how does motorsport turn fans on?

The emotional face of motoring – how does motorsport turn fans on?

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Why do Poles love competing in motorsports and what turns them on the most?

Poles love competition and sport. We love sitting down to watch TV to support our idols during competitions. One of our favorite sports pastimes is motosport. We practically grow up in adoration for horsepower, roaring speedway motorcycles or ultra-fast cars. Why?

In Poland the popularity of motor sports is growing from year to year. We watch Formula 1 passionately – especially since the times of Robert Kubica, who is our ambassador of this discipline. We also follow the Dakar Rally, the DTM series or NASCAR, and for decades we have been keeping our fingers crossed for our speedway riders.

What motivates the fans the most?

Fans are of course most motivated by successes. The exploits of Bartłomiej Zmarzlik and his double world champion title (year after year) were watched by millions of viewers in our country. Robert Kubica’s victory in the Canadian Grand Prix broke all viewership ceilings in Poland. What does such popularity translate into? Among other things to bookmaker bonuses, because the companies operating in the industry follow the popularity of disciplines and offer fans various forms of promotion in this direction.

This is confirmed for example by the bookmaker STS, which has in its offer many variants related to Formula 1, rally or speedway. The more successful the Polish athletes are in a given sport, the more popular it is and the more it is looked upon favourably by external entities. This is also confirmed by the search results of browsers, since the phrase “best welcome bonus” is often typed by the fans of motorsports and racing.

Who is winning the motorsport competition?

Which motorsport discipline has conquered the hearts of Polish fans the most? Speedway is definitely the king here. Poland has been successful here for decades, has raised new champions, and tickets for league and international competitions sell out within hours. Television and radio broadcasts in turn attract success-hungry fans. Centers such as Torun, Zielona Gora, Leszno and Wroclaw are full of speedway fans who support their idols. In turn, Poland is treated as the Mecca of the discipline and undoubtedly for this reason in our country are organized the most important competitions with the Speedway Grand Prix at the head.

This does not mean, however, that other races are far behind. The aforementioned Robert Kubica gave a huge boost to Formula 1, but he also encouraged his compatriots to watch rallying, the DTM series (in which he competed last year) and other series. The motorcycle series are certainly waiting for their “Kubica”, but the Dakar Rally has been attracting attention for years, encouraging fans to support Przygoński or Sonik.

To sum up, we can say that fans in Poland have been passionate about racing for years and the competition on tracks and trails is something we really love. The successes of our athletes contribute to this, and fortunately, there are more and more of them. And may it always be so!

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(Photo by Clive Mason – Formula 1/Formula 1 via Getty