How to improve the exhaust on a sports car?

How to improve the exhaust on a sports car?

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How and why do sports car owners decide to tune their exhaust system? Read on and you won't be able to stop yourself!

Tuning a car, especially a sports car, is becoming increasingly popular. Drivers often opt for both mechanical and more visual improvements. Modification of the exhaust system is one of the most common methods of mechanical tuning.

Why should you decide to do it? A sports car must have optimized engine performance and meet regulatory noise levels. How your car sounds is certainly important to you, after all, who doesn’t like a beautiful duo of engine and exhaust pipe? There are really many ways to tune your car, and improving the exhaust is just one of them. Also decide on a piping or intake system, a way to cool down your car’s engine.

The most common modification

The modification that sports car fans decide on most is changing the exhaust tips. First of all, this is associated with cost and visual benefit – it is a simple change, which is easy to see and makes quite an effect. What does the price of such modification depend on? Naturally, how much you will ultimately pay for the replacement of exhaust tips directly, is linked to the number of tips and the quality of their workmanship. And although they give only visual benefits, it is not worth saving on them. Exhaust temperatures can reach several hundred degrees, so cheap parts may not last and you’ll quickly be forced to replace them again. At the end of the day, the prices of the tips start at around several dozen zlotys and end up at several hundred, and in the end, even investing in more expensive and more durable models is not associated with high costs. In addition, if you want to opt for used car parts, nothing stands in the way of deciding to buy bits second hand. This will not affect the effectiveness of the exhaust system in any way.

Catalytic converters

It is they allow for the effective operation of the exhaust system, so it’s no wonder that the cost of their replacement is correspondingly higher and oscillates around two to three thousand zlotys. It directly affects the performance and emissions into the atmosphere. What’s worse, a worn out catalytic converter makes the power of the engine significantly decrease, the fuel rise increases, and a characteristic rattle appears while driving. Although we distinguish between ceramic and metallic inserts, in sports cars, the latter are most often used. For a simple reason – they provide less resistance.


The silencer is the last part of the exhaust system, and in sports cars do not meet two or three systems of silencers, which would quiet the operation of the entire system. The muffler must be made of stainless steel and have a high resistance to acids. This is why the term “acid” is sometimes used to describe the materials from which the exhaust system was made. Why? During combustion acids are formed, which can cause corrosion of the system. This is one of the reasons why exhaust systems in sports cars are often replaced. Due to the high cost of tuning the entire exhaust system of the car, it is very common to meet only with the replacement of the tip for a sports muffler.


What material the manifold is made of and what shape it has, significantly affects the course of the torque. In the factory manifolds very often there are all kinds of surface inaccuracies or roughness, which make flowing through the exhaust system exhaust fumes encounter additional resistance. That is why it is popular to replace the manifold with a sports one. Companies that create them make sure that the manifold is properly smoothed and carefully designed.