Racing driver’s outfit – how to take care of it?

Racing driver’s outfit – how to take care of it?

Buying a racing suit is one thing. If our suit is to last us for many years, we need to pay a lot of attention to its care

Just like any other piece of clothing, a racing driver’s suit needs to be regularly cleaned with the appropriate preparations. So how to take care of our overalls, to make them last long and look the way we want?

What preparations can we use for overalls?

On specialized websites we can easily find many agents from leading brands, and sometimes there are also dedicated liquids for overalls of a particular manufacturer. Apart from such obvious things as washing liquid, we can find a number of other products that will make our life easier before, during and after the competition

For example, a widely used product is a stain remover, which allows to quickly remove dirt from the suit. This is especially useful if you are facing a camera interview or a trip to the podium. Many drivers also use an underwear cooling spray. On hot summer days while driving on a heated track, cooling down sensitive body parts is not only a relief, but it’s good for our health as well.

What to choose? A lot depends on the material

The next step to taking care of your racing outfit is choosing the right products. However, we should start the whole process of finding a good product for our outfit by filtering the results in terms of the material for which they are intended. Some will work in the desired way only with the skin, while others will cope with outfits that have admixtures of plastics.

On the market there are also universal preparations, which we can easily apply to any material. Such a move pays off the most when you have several suits and they differ in the material from which they were created. This way we will be sure, that we will not confuse the cleaner and will not foolishly damage our outfit.

The driver’s outfit is not only the overalls

We can not forget about such an important thing for many drivers, as a helmet. For quite a few, it is the most representative part of the whole outfit, which can be effectively personalized. So it’s not surprising that in specialized stores we can buy a whole range of products intended only for helmets.

Apart from cleaning liquids (usually in spray) we can find also removers for stickers or all kinds of polishes. Of course you can find a lot of devoted fans of matte colors, but if you have a shiny or pearl polish and want your helmet to look its best, this is a definite must-have.

In the best motorsports clothing stores you will also find shoe or glove care products. It is certainly worth considering the purchase of an air freshener, which will not only allow to maintain the freshness of the outfit during several days of competition, but also protect us from the development of microorganisms that can lead to the formation of unpleasant odors.

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