What should a race car driver drink before starting?

What should a race car driver drink before starting?

Want to know what a racing driver's diet looks like? Wondering what he drinks and eats right before the start? Then check out our article and learn about the healthy habits of professional drivers.

Hydration has a big impact on the body’s performance and concentration. It may seem that racing drivers do not get tired, and their work is pure fun for them. However, it is worth knowing that it is work in very difficult and demanding conditions

Therefore one cannot forget about proper nutrition. Of course it is necessary to hydrate and provide the body with valuable nutrients. Find out together with us how a proper diet of a professional driver should look like.

Does a racing driver’s diet matter?

Do you have the impression that people who race professionally don’t have to pay much attention to their form? You think their diet doesn’t have to be any different from how anyone else eats? Then you have the wrong view of this profession. It is a job in very difficult and varied conditions. It is worth remembering that drivers are exposed to enormous effort, not only mental, but also physical. During the race, the driver’s brain works at full speed, and at the same time processes a lot of new information. This requires constant focus at a high level. In addition, the body must be in the correct position, arms and legs in full readiness, and movement should be deliberate, fast, but prudent. The combination of all this means that after a race is over, athletes are often very tired and need to recover. However, it’s not the only thing that is key to staying fit and performing well in such difficult conditions. It is also necessary to eat a proper diet and regularly hydrate the body to avoid deficiencies or dehydration, disorders that significantly reduce not only the focus, but also the condition of the entire body.

Drinks to drink before the race and during work

Wondering what drinks professional race drivers reach for most often? They always have simple drinks on hand that do not contain unnecessary calories, flavour enhancers or chemical additives. It’s important to know that too many calories consumed just before a race can significantly slow down brain function and, for some, cause drowsiness. That’s why before a race – and on any other day – drivers prefer mineral water, which does not provide any calories but helps ensure proper water and electrolyte balance. Electrolyte drinks are also recommended, which provide the body with such valuable electrolytes as potassium, magnesium and sodium. Drinking them reduces the risk of dehydration, so they take care of the proper work of the entire nervous system. Some people choose to drink natural drinks with added caffeine because they give energy and increase focus. However, they can not be used too often and in too large quantities, because excess caffeine negatively affects health, raises blood pressure.

What should a proper diet of a racing driver look like?

Another fact that you should know is that racing drivers need to take care of their diet. Their meals should be varied and well-balanced. It is also necessary to eat them at regular times of the day. What should the meal be like just before the race? It must not be hard to digest and high in calories, because the feeling of heaviness, bloating, stomach aches and constipation reduce comfort, which makes it harder to concentrate on your duties. So it is better to reach for something easily digestible. Many professional drivers admit that hidden in the glove compartments of their cars are energy bars, nuts or mixes with nuts. In addition, they very often reach for fruit and vegetable shakes, because they are rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as valuable fiber. It takes care of the proper work of the entire digestive system, provides a feeling of satiety for a long time and improves intestinal peristalsis.

Follow these diet rules and find out that it can positively affect your condition, mood and take care of your concentration even in difficult and stressful conditions. This way, working on time will not be exhausting for you.

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