Why is SEO essential?

Why is SEO essential?

One of the most basic marketing efforts is effective SEO, which will get your website to the top of Google search results. The higher the position in Google, the higher the click-through rate, and therefore the higher the conversion rate. SEO, however, is characterized by great complexity, such as the need to acquire technical knowledge to be able to consciously work on the performance of the site. A technical SEO agency such as SEO Dallas agency or even better known Seattle SEO agency can help you with this.


The rapid and dynamic growth of e-commerce seems to overtake the sale of goods in stationary stores year after year, and this is not without reason. The possibility of juxtaposing several sellers at the same time, huge and unlimited choice and access to particularly sought-after items make us buy more and more often online and less and less often in stationary stores. One of the basic marketing activities is effective positioning, thanks to which your website will be at the top of Google search results. The higher the position in Google, the higher the click-through rate, and therefore the higher the conversion rate https://www.icea-group.com/seattle-seo/.


SEO basics to understand


The multi-step SEO process has a huge impact on your website’s visibility in search results. It involves optimizing your site and adjusting its source code to meet the requirements of Google’s algorithm, which evaluates the suitability of your chosen site for a given keyword phrase. This is where the role of a technical SEO agency comes in, whose team will perform on and off site activities that would simply be incomprehensible to a novice user. According to SEO Dallas agency – the most important thing is to properly match the keywords with the content of the whole website and to saturate the content with them. It is also important to optimize the performance of the site, including reducing its loading time. All these aspects (and hundreds of others) have a direct impact on the ranking position of our website.


As we mentioned, a technical SEO agency deals with the positioning of the store, which includes on-site activities, which should be carried out directly on the website, as well as off-site activities, consisting in acquiring as many backlinks as possible. Of great importance for the effectiveness of SEO is also conducting an audit, which is a preliminary and in-depth analysis of our entire website for compliance with the requirements of Google’s algorithm. It will give you an idea of the scope of activities of an interactive SEO agency, and its employees will be able to adjust the scope of work and strategy for the following days, weeks and months.


Interesting facts about SEO


The members of the SEO Dallas agency and Seattle SEO agency we mentioned above would also like to share some interesting facts with you. SEO is about achieving the highest possible position in Google search engine when an Internet user types in a chosen phrase, for example “football scores”. We want our website to appear as high as possible in the results, even in the top three, which is usually only achievable for very niche key phrases or with an unlimited budget. It is much easier to increase your visibility for phrases like “fishing lures” than “women’s clothing”.


Webmaster of Seattle SEO agency also notes – It is also worth noting that the key phrases should ideally match the content of your chosen page. It is a very bad practice to use keywords just to get the most number of hits to your site. Why? Because Google’s algorithm is very advanced and when evaluating a page it takes into account the time an Internet user spent after typing in a given phrase. If your website is in the form of a guide for photographers, and you attract an Internet user with the phrase “computer store,” this fact will certainly negatively affect the rating of the site.


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    Matt Wise 1 year

    We won’t gain visibility on the Internet if we don’t take care of visibility. Search engine optimization allows us to do just that, and hence, among other things, the growing popularity of SEO. Above all, we need good support, because search engine optimization, contrary to appearances, is not an easy task and under no circumstances should it be neglected. Why is it something fundamental? Imagine a store that has no advertising, would you be able to find it, knowing how much competition there is in the market? Well, that’s right. Using search engine optimization, we get visibility and, above all, a well-functioning site, if we work with specialists.